World Commons Week 2019

World Commons Week 2019 is complete! Thanks to everyone who contributed in this global collaboration and it is never to early to consider an event for next year’s event! — Thank you, WCW 2019 organizing team.

Local Events

Across the globe, local commons scholars and practitioners will organize and host local events promoting discussions and inquiry on a wide variety of commons themes. These can be a variety of functions, from teach-ins in classes, to local speaking events, to community practitioner meetings and commons organizing events run by local organizers. To propose your own local event for WCW 2019, use this form.

Global Keynote Webinars

WCW keynote webinars will be offered — one each day throughout the week — highlighting some leading thinkers or practitioners on selected commons themes or issues facing geographic regions in the world.

WCW Goals

Promote Knowledge​

We want to encourage the exchange of commons-related knowledge across the globe.

Promote Experience

We want to foster mutual exchange of ideas, scholarship, and practical experience.

Expand Commons

We want to promote the creation of new commons and expand those already existing.

A Look Back on WCW 2018

WCW 2019 Organizers

Charlie Schweik

Lead Organizer of
WCW 2019

Jakub Polanowski

Web Developer of WCW 2019
IASC Intern​

Maxine Gunther-Segal

Content Manager of WCW 2019
IASC Intern​

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